Download the Cereals App today!

Search ‘Cereals Conferences’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Anyone can download the app, but if you are attending the conference, create a CrowdCompass account by:

  • ¬†After you register, check your email for a link that allows you to create your account
  • Enter the required fields and select “register account”
  • Check your email for confirmation and click the confirmation link
  • From the app, select the Login button and enter your email and password


  • Use the Social login to sign in with the same username and password as your favorite social media site
  • If signing up by email, make sure the email you sign up with is accessible on your device
  • Make your profile PUBLIC for better networking opportunities

Why create an account?

  • Share photos
  • Take and save notes
  • Join the attendee list
  • Exchange contact information with other attendees
  • Create and manage a personal agenda